Rocky Mountain/Great Plains (NCRA Region 4) Datasets

Rocky Mountains/Great Plains Assessment Focus Area

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Dataset Title
Downloadable Datasets
Regional Spatial Data
Regional Coal Quality
Powder River Basin--Basinwide Datasets
Powder River Basin--Ashland Coalfield
Powder River Basin--Colstrip Coalfield
Powder River Basin--Decker Coalfield
Powder River Basin--Gillette Coalfield
Powder River Basin--Sheridan Coalfield
Powder River Basin--Wyodak-Anderson Coal Zone
Powder River Basin--Stratigraphic Data
Hanna & Carbon Basins--Basinwide Datasets
Hanna & Carbon Basins--Hanna Coalfield Datasets
Hanna & Carbon Basins--Ferris Coalfield Datasets
Hanna & Carbon Basins--South Carbon Coalfield
Carbon Basin Stratigraphic Data
Hanna Basin Stratigraphic Data
Green River Basin--Basinwide Datasets
Green River Basin--Point of Rocks, Black Butte Coalfield
Green River Basin--Stratigraphic Data
Williston Basin--Basinwide Datasets
Williston Basin--Beulah-Zap Coal Zone Datasets
Williston Basin--Hagel Coal Zone Datasets
Williston Basin--Harmon Coal Zone
Williston Basin--Hansen Coal Zone
Williston Basin--Stratigraphic Data