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Geologic Radon Potential Maps for counties in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area

The U.S. Geological Survey has compiled Geologic Radon Potential maps for counties surrounding Washington, D.C., including Fairfax County, Virginia, and Montomery and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland.

Geologic Radon Potential Map of the Washington, DC area


Miscellaneous Field Investigations Map MF-2043: Map showing radon potential of rocks and soils in Montgomery County, Maryland, by L.C.S. Gundersen, G.M. Reimer, C.R. Wiggs, and C.A. Rice; scale 1:48,000, 1988.

Miscellaneous Field Investigations Map MF-2047: Map showing radon potential of rocks and soils in Fairfax County, Virginia, by J.K. Otton, R.R. Schumann, D.E. Owen, N. Thurman, and J.S. Duval; scale 1:48,000, 1988.

Open-File Report 88-18: Relationships between geology, equivalent uranium concentration, and radon in soil gas, Fairfax County, Virginia, by R.R. Schumann and D.E. Owen, 28 p., 1988.

Open-File Report 92-11: Radon in soil gas and soil radioactivity in Prince George's County, Maryland, by J.K. Otton; 18 p., 1992.

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