U.S. Geological Survey

Field Studies of Radon in Rocks, Soils, and Water

U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1971

Edited by Linda C.S. Gundersen and Richard B. Wanty, 1991.

(Note: Although this publication is now out of print from the USGS, it was reprinted by Lewis Publishing, Inc., Boca Raton, Forida. ISBN: 0-87371-955-7).


1. Methods of Characterization of Ground for Assessment of Indoor Radon
   Potential at a Site, by Allan B. Tanner

2. Simple Techniques for Soil-Gas and Water Sampling for Radon Analysis
   by G.M. Reimer

3. A Preliminary Evaluation of Environmental factors Influencing Day-to-Day
   and Seasonal Soil-Gas Radon Concentrations, by Sigrid Asher-Bolinder,
   Douglass E. Owen, and R. Randall Schumann

4. Derivation of Radon Migration Rates in the Surficial Environment by Use of
   Helium Injection Experiments, by G.M. Reimer

5. Radon in Sheared Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks, by Linda C.S. Gundersen

6. The Geology and Geochemistry of Soils in Boyertown and Easton,
   Pennsylvania, by Sherry S. Agard and Linda C.S. Gundersen

7. Radon in Soil Gas and Gamma-Ray Activity of Rocks and Soils at the Mulligan
   Quarry, Clinton, New Jersey, by Mitchell E. Henry, Margret E. Kaeding, and
   Donald Monteverde

8. Radon in Soil Gas Along Active Faults in Central California, by Chi-Yu
   King, Calvin Walkingstick, and David Basler

9. Radon Emanation from Uranium Mill Tailings, by Edward R. Landa

10. Use of Aerial Gamma-Ray Data to Estimate Relative Amounts of Radon in Soil
    Gas, by Joseph S. Duval

11. Regional Radon Characterizations, by R. Thomas Peake and R. Randall

12. Reconaissance Approach to Using Geology and Soil-Gas Radon Concentrations
    for Making Rapid and Preliminary Estimates of Indoor Radon Potential, by
    G.M. Reimer, Linda C.S. Gundersen, S.L. Szarzi, and J.M. Been

13. A Review of the Chemical Processes Affecting the Mobility of Radionuclides
   in Natural Waters, with Applications, by Richard B. Wanty and Robert Schoen

14. Radionuclides in Ground Water, Rock and Soil, and Indoor Air of the
    Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada--A literature Review
    and Summary of Data, by Robert T. Paulsen

15. Sampling and Analysis of Dissolved Radon-222 in Water by the De-emanation
    Method, by In Che Yang

16. A Comparison of Two Techniques for Radon-222 Measurement in Water
    Supplies, by Ann Mullin and Richard B. Wanty

17. Use of Radon Measurements in Carters Creek, Maury County, Tennessee, to
    Determine Location and Magnitude of Ground-Water Seepage, by Roger W. Lee
    and Este F. Hollyday

18. Geologic and Geochemical Factors Controlling Uranium, Radium-226, and
    Radon-222 in Ground Water, Newark Basin, New Jersey, by Zoltan Szabo and
    Otto S. Zapecza

19. Radium-226, Radium-228, and Radon-222 in Ground Water of the Chickies
    Quartzite, Southeastern Pennsylvania, by L. DeWayne Cecil, Lisa A. Senior,
    and Karen L. Vogel

20. Radon in Ground Water of Carson Valley, West-Central Nevada, by Michael S.
    Lico and Timothy G. Rowe

21. Geochemistry of Ground Water and Radionuclide Mobility in Two Areas of the
    Reading Prong, Eastern Pennsylvania, by Richard B. Wanty, Paul H. Briggs,
    and Linda C.S. Gundersen

22. Radionuclides in the Puerco and Lower Little Colorado River Basins, New
    Mexico and Arizona, Before 1987, by John R. Gray and Robert H. Webb

23. Uranium, Radium, and Radon in Deeply Buried Sediments of the U.S. Gulf
    Coast, by Thomas F. Kraemer

24. Radon, Helium, and Other Gases in Shallow Ground Waters of Uraniferous
    Holocene Alluvium, Floedelle Creek, Stevens County, Northeast Washington,
    by James K. Otton and G.M. Reimer

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