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Selected Data from Fourteen Wildcat Wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska

USGS Open File Report 00-200

Wildcat Well Seabee 1
Depths to Selected Stratigraphic Horizons

Data File: SE1Tops.txt
Rock Unit Depth, Feet
Surficial Deposits and/or Gubik Formation 30
Shale of the Colville Group 100
Nanushuk Group 280
Torok Formation 1295
Pebble Shale Unit 13000
Kingak Shale 13200

Data Source
Table 15.3. - Total depth and depths to selected stratigraphic horizons for Government-drilled wells on the North Slope of Alaska., in:

Gryc, George, Ed., 1988, Geology and exploration of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, 1974 to 1982, U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1399, Pgs. 322 - 324.

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