Department of the Interior
U.S. Geological Survey

Selected Data for Fourteen Wildcat Wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska

USGS Open File Report 00-200

Disc Information

This CD-ROM makes available selected data sets from fourteen wildcat wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA). The CD-ROM is designed strictly as a "data archive" with a simple HTML interface to aid in navigating the disc.

This is a companion publication to USGS Open File Report 99-015, Selected Data for Eleven Wildcat Wells in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

The CD-ROM was written to the ISO 9660 standard and was produced to work in the greatest number of environments. The HTML was written as generically as possible in order to work with as many browsers and operating systems as possible. The Adobe Acrobat PDF files were kept below 4 megabytes (MB's) in order to avoid the problem some browsers have with PDF files greater than that size. Further, the smaller file sizes facilitate serving this disc over the Internet.

The following data types are provided for each well:

All files are ASCII text with the exception of the core image files and the borehole log image files, which are JPEG binary image file format, and the Drilling History and Geological Reports, which are Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

For best viewing, all ASCII files should be viewed using a fixed size font, such as Courier.

Disc Structure

The files on this disc are arranged using the following folder hierarchy:

  • Root (Top Level) Folder
  • Docs Folder
  • Wells Folder
  • {Well Folder Name} Folder
  • Core Folder
  • GammaRay Folder
  • LAS Folder
  • PDF Folder
  • PNP Folder
  • Tops Folder
  • Folder Descriptions

    Root (Top Level) Folder
    The Root, or Top level, Folder contains:
    Docs Folder
    The Docs folder contains HTML files which provide:
    Wells Folder
    The Wells folder contains:

    {Well Folder Name} Folders
    Each of the Well Folders listed in the table above contains:

    Well Data Index

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